C&D Haulage Trucks Limited has successfully taken over as the leader transportation services for bulk materials and solid wastes, in Southern Ontario corridor. We have proven ourselves to be the pioneers in the field with or prompt services. All our customers trust in us and are quite contempt with the fleet of our well-maintained dump trailers, pony pups, tri-axles, flatbeds, walking-floors, tankers and live-bottoms, which make way for safe transport of salt, sand, gravel, glass, solid wastes, compost, all types of construction materials, and much more. Over the years C&D Haulage has become an epitome for a trusted carrier and it has yearly supply contracts for concrete plants and asphalt.
C&D Haulage is a well established and well spread company that is armed with permits/licenses for New York, Michigan, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. We are a trusted and certified partner for the transportation of municipal trash, industrial wastes and contaminated soils to authority-identified landfill facilities.
We also provide sand and gravel supply services; backfilling, excavation, and disposal of contaminated soil. C&D has 100+ units which are ready for service throughout the day (24/7).



    We are powered by strength of a huge fleet of trailers, dump trucks and pony pups, which are all hardworking and offer our clients with efficient work required. We take you burden and stress on our shoulders by supplying clean fill for projects, and also in moving or replacing soil from said locations. We offer services by catering to your requirements on hourly basis and by load-transport rates. We deal with transport of soil haulage, broken concrete, construction material and more. C&D Haulage is equipped with latest trucks starting from the 2008 models and later ones, and they undergo rigorous maintenance from time to time to make sure that they are in perfect working condition to meet the delivery date.


    C&D Haulage is equipped with Dump trucks, Trailers, Pony Pups and Live Bottoms, which are highly convenient and also the safest mode to transport sand and gravel to locations.


    C&D Haulage takes pride to establish its involvement in some noticeable projects in the GTA and we have been appreciated for our ability in handling projects that are both large and small. We also guarantee that our clients get the most cost efficient excavation.


    Be it industrial, commercial or multi-residential properties, C&D Haulage is the premier and most trustable choice for snow removal with efficiency and that too in a short period of time. We are available 24/7 and our efficient and experienced teams offer quick services to get your job done immediately. C&D Haulage is committed to guard our clients from the hazard of bad winter weather without causing them much inconvenience.